Transform Your Customer Experience with Cloud

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a ringside view of the impact of disruptive technologies on customer experience (CX) through my varied roles at some of the world’s best technology companies. The biggest trends in the past two decades have been the migration from TDM to IP, the emergence of India and the Philippines as global outsourcing destinations, and the rise of the omnichannel contact centre. While the pace of change has been modest, we’ve seen a huge transformation in CX. The world’s most forward-thinking brands assure us shorter, almost instantaneous response times based on the type of channel and a multitude of ways to personalise services.

Intensifying market competition requires companies to shift their focus from delivering products or services to orchestrating experiences and driving transformative change in the ways in which they serve customers.

Modernising the technology platform to embrace agile innovation is a pre-requisite to participate in the new digital economy. The magnitude of this change is enormous and requires considerable skill to align these trends with the needs of all stakeholders. Not to mention that the execution of this likely will be even more challenging.

  • But 2020 enabled us to swiftly bring what would have taken a decade of change to achieve in just under a year. Three distinct trends have marked the change:
  • Shift from the assertion that contact centres aren’t ready for the cloud to the huge surge in cloud adoption as the way forward
  • Emergence of work from home as an important business model
    Rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation-enabled self-services

At Telstra, we believe the shift to the cloud is especially profound and set to revolutionise how we deliver experiences in the coming decade. By migrating to the cloud, companies can adopt disruptive industry innovation at the speed of business.

The contact centre applications weren’t at the forefront of leveraging public cloud infrastructure in India. This is now set to change. The launch of the Genesys CloudTM India instance in April 2021 is the first by a major global contact centre vendor that meets the compliance and security requirements of organisations operating in the country. The solution allows companies to maintain their interactions and data within the country, which is a huge step for the contact centre market in addressing data localisation and rapid deployment concerns.

Genesys makes the case for what it terms its Experience as a ServiceSM vision, building upon an innovation platform that enables companies to listen, understand and predict customer behaviour before they act. The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is the availability and ease of integration with third-party applications in transforming end-to-end customer journeys.

As customers rapidly migrate to the cloud, ensuring a cost-effective solution is also high on the agenda. Cloud offers businesses the agility to introduce new capabilities on demand, supporting a pay-as-you-consume model, compared to the licensing approach of traditional software applications. The flexible operating cloud model makes it possible to scale based on usage, bringing down the barriers to adoption.

As one of the largest Genesys partners in the region, including India, Telstra continues to pioneer new services to empower businesses and enhance customer experiences. Telstra is the first telecom service provider to offer the agile, scalable Genesys Cloud solution to customers globally. The ability to offer the all-in-one cloud as an integrated solution underpinned by our highly resilient network allows us to provide a differentiated value proposition for customers operating across multiple geographies and complex business processes. Our investments in interconnecting voice platforms on Genesys instances enable us to offer a simple-to-manage, cost-effective model alongside end-to-end service assurance.

The strength of the partnership is reflected in the landmark achievement of 150 joint customers served globally, earning Telstra the Asia-Pacific Cloud Partner of the Year award for two consecutive years — 2019 and 2020. By delivering on the promise of the cloud, the stage is set for a very exciting era of transformative experiences.