New CX Capabilities Available on the FedRAMP Marketplace

A comprehensive set of cloud contact centre capabilities is now accessible in a FedRAMP In Process solution. Listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace, the Genesys Cloud CX™ platform for government empowers federal agencies to make engagement easy for every constituent, enabling modern customer experiences throughout the citizen journey.

A Scalable, Seamless and Secure Government Solution

Genesys Cloud CX, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), is an all-in-one cloud contact centre solution that enables seamless government services across phone, email, chat, text and social channels. Omnichannel, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation capabilities allow agencies to deliver amazing customer experiences while simplifying the tech stack for customer engagements.

Rebuilding Trust and Raising Standards with FedRAMP

Government agencies recognise that seamless, efficient and connected services are a critical component to rebuild pride and trust in government. But legacy systems remain a major obstacle. And it’s impossible for agencies to scale their workforce to meet the increasing demands for public services and information.

Although the benefits of cloud technology apply to government challenges, agencies have been slower to adopt the cloud than the private sector. The Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Program (FedRAMP) makes it easier for agencies to reap the benefits of the cloud, including scalability, reliability and security. FedRAMP establishes a standardised approach for security assessment, authorisation and continuous monitoring. It also addresses security protocols required for federal agencies to adopt cloud innovations.

Meeting Remote Work Needs with a Cloud Contact Centre

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many US government agencies turned to Genesys to swiftly transition from centralised contact centres to remote contact centres. Genesys Cloud CX, which runs on highly reliable and secure AWS Cloud technology, allowed agency service representatives to work from home while also managing a surge in demand for government services.

The benefits of a modern customer experience platform were immediately recognised and now available to government agencies through the FedRAMP Marketplace.

Deliver Seamless Services

A single open cloud platform for customer engagement delivers one routing engine for all customer touchpoints, such as voice, text and social media. With multilingual support, this web-based unified communications solution with softphone and native mobile apps ensures your services aren’t limited by workforce location or hardware.

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) has long served its clients at 10 offices across the state. Prior to 2021, those offices had separate phone numbers; clerical staff answered each call and entered information into a workflow system for a later response. But with Genesys Cloud CX, DHSS streamlined its public assistance operations with a single statewide contact number — enabling it to service each location from its all-in-one cloud.

Elevate Your Employee Experience

Long-term forecasting and planning tools quickly deliver data analysis to inform strategic workforce decisions, including scheduling and routing to the most-qualified available agent.

From the front office to the back office, you can orchestrate the experience for your constituents and employees. The State of Iowa used the Genesys platform to create a consistent digital experience that delivered fast, intuitive self-service and saved about 45,000 minutes — or 750 hours — of call handling.

Rapidly Deploy New Capabilities

The agility of a cloud-based contact centre enables agencies to handle unforeseen events with ease. Optimise self-service and rapidly engage support by routing applicable calls to a high-priority queue managed by your most qualified agents. Get access to Genesys innovations and customise the solution as you need.

The Utah Department of Health was able to spin up a new 1,200-seat contact centre in less than 72 hours in response to the pandemic.

Easily Scale Up or Down

Scale your government services up or down quickly and easily with an AWS microservices architecture and autoscaling services that instantly respond to changes in citizen demand. A US unemployment agency scaled up to process 70,000 claims in a single day — a volume that would have taken a full month before it deployed Genesys Cloud CX.

Accomplish Your Mission Securely

Genesys Cloud CX for government is built on the same code as the commercial solution thousands of customers worldwide use, including leaders in the retail, healthcare, insurance and banking sectors. And it gives government agencies every capability available to the largest private sector organisations: omnichannel, predictive routing, proactive engagement, analytics and reporting, and workforce engagement.

Built on AWS and Backed by Carahsoft

Genesys Cloud CX for government was built on AWS to be scalable, high-performing, and deliver a composable platform that leverages the power of microservices and robust application programming interfaces. This allows agencies to readily leverage AI, machine learning, natural language processing and other services.

Carahsoft Technology Corp., the Trusted IT Government Solutions Provider, is the Genesys distributor for the public sector — federal, state and local government, as well as the education and healthcare markets. This partnership reduces lengthy procurement cycles, provides unified billing and allows public sector customers to purchase the Genesys platform through hundreds of contract vehicles.

With our latest addition to the FedRAMP Marketplace, Genesys looks forward to supporting more government agencies in their drive to improve pride and trust in government with modern, cloud-based customer experience solutions.

Build trust, delight citizens, inspire employees and improve mission outcomes with Genesys. Experience the freedom and flexibility of cloud-based government contact centre software.


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