Global Genesys Cloud CX Experience as a Service Ready for Take Off in India

Delivering personalised experience and maintaining the highest levels of data security are the top two priorities for every major enterprise in India. As a global leader in cloud customer contact centre solutions, we’re thrilled to launch Genesys Cloud CXTM Contact Centre in India. This innovative platform meets compliance, security and data localisation requirements for organisations in India.

Secure, Compliant, Reliable

The launch of the Genesys Cloud CX in India makes us the first global contact centre provider to enable businesses to leverage the public cloud while keeping interactions and data within the country. This represents a giant leap for the country’s contact centre industry. In the past, security, data localisation and rapid deployment concerns have deterred enterprises from shifting to public cloud.

With the newest connection to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region, Genesys Cloud CX is now available in 10 AWS Regions globally.

The availability of Genesys Cloud CX couldn’t have come at a better time for organisations in India. As one of the biggest contact centre hubs in the world — with over a million installed seats — Indian businesses increasingly seek flexibility, agility and security in cloud infrastructure and deployment to design one-of-a-kind services for their customers. This is also great news for customers, especially in those in highly regulated industries such as government, healthcare or financial services. These sectors need the highest levels of protection and support to enhance the availability of mission-critical applications and secure work-from home operating models.

True Personalisation at Scale

Genesys Cloud CX will enable Indian organisations of any size to provide true personalisation at scale, interact with empathy, and foster customer trust and loyalty. And this sets the stage for what we call Experience as a Service℠.

Experience as a Service makes it possible for companies to listen, understand and predict customer behaviour before they act — to deliver more effective and empathetic customer experiences.

Contact centre needs of our customers across multiple industries vary. Each requires targeted solutions to meet their unique needs. With Genesys Cloud CX, these companies can use the best global technology and become agile enough to adapt to change. For our customers, this provides access to new capabilities at the click of a button so they can enjoy ultimate flexibility and scalability. It also empowers teams to provide differentiated customer experiences.

Our Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution takes customer experience to a new level of personalisation and empathy. While conversations around omnichannel dominated our discussions in the past decade, this next decade will be about the orchestration of experiences. It will be critical for businesses to embed technology into their business processes to deliver unique personalised experiences. This is only possible through a platform that allows companies to leverage islands of innovation across various disruptive technologies and partner ecosystems.

Pay Only for What You Use

We’re honoured to be named a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service based on our ability to provide a specialised CCaaS platform. Genesys Cloud CX is a 100% microservices architecture. Put simply, it’s a true cloud where customers can roll out applications as they want — and when they want — with minimal to zero downtime.

Each architecture can work without interdependency or intervention. Whether you’re a large enterprise or small- and medium-sized business, you’ll have access the innovations and capabilities — at a pricing model that suits your current and future needs.

A Global Innovation Ecosystem

One of the biggest benefits of cloud is ease of integration with third-party applications. The Genesys Cloud CX partner ecosystem boasts best-in-class global strategic partners, including Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Zoom and over 650 AppFoundryTM partners. This allows customers to take advantage of cutting-edge capabilities in an agile manner.

In 1996, leading author and futurist, Rolf Jensen, famously predicted, “In 25 years, what people buy will be mostly stories, legends, emotion, and lifestyle.” This is now a reality. We see the next decade of the experience economy as an opportunity.

Empathy is increasingly central to how contact centre providers differentiate themselves. And India, being an outsourcing destination of the world, is well-positioned to embrace the best of global technology — and to be an orchestrator of unique customer experiences.

Infusing personalisation and empathy across every customer touchpoint should be the need-of-the-hour for all businesses, large and small. We’re excited that Genesys Cloud CX is ready to shape the future of Experience as a Service in India and support our customers towards becoming the new-generation experience orchestrators in the global marketplace.


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