Strategic Alliances — Bring Experience as a Service to Life

Genesys has a wide range of ecosystem partners; we carefully chose our strategic alliances for their technology leadership, innovative solutions and industry expertise — all aligning with our commitment to elevate the customer experience.

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Build customer experiences at scale with our strategic alliance partners

We know leaders when we see them, and we partner with some of the best. Our alliance partners are global experts in their fields. And they drive remarkable enterprise customer experiences and use cutting-edge approaches for enhancing employee productivity. Collectively, we optimise customer journeys at scale by connecting customer empathy and technology choices with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cognitive services and insight-rich, data-driven solutions. Through our product integrations and integrated customer experiences, we bring together our platform, data and applications. In this way, we make it simple for our customers to focus on their customers — not the technology.

Technology leadership and innovation

Our combined expertise, industry knowledge and years of success make it possible to bring your bold vision for customer experience to life.

Worldwide access to markets and customers

Alliance partners are global businesses with great brands and thousands of customers. Complementary to Genesys, they’re known for their innovative technologies.

SaaS solutions at scale

Alliance integrations keep it simple for customers to respond instantly. Eliminate the complexity of scaling for unexpected customer demands.

Accelerating better business outcomes

Combining the strengths of global innovators means you get more value and see results faster using the best-of-breed solutions you choose.

Genesys Strategic Alliances

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Adobe and Genesys help organisations break down data silos between marketing, commerce, sales and service departments. With integration between the Genesys Cloud™ platform and Adobe Experience Cloud, businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer context across every touchpoint. This alliance is changing how contact centres and other business decision-makers use insights to enable more intelligent, continuous and individualised customer engagement. Genesys and Adobe show you how interactions shape a customer’s journey so you can deliver empathy at scale and grow brand loyalty.

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Genesys provide complementary technologies to companies of all sizes with a powerful platform to create extraordinary customer experiences with speed, scale and resiliency. For example, as more consumers use automated methods to interact with brands, the AWS and Genesys Cloud integration makes it easier for businesses to use conversational AI to provide more effective self-service experiences to customer engagement platforms. With native integration of multiple AWS AI and machine learning (ML) services, AWS is also a key partner in the Genesys strategy.

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud and Genesys offer a joint contact centre AI solution for more personalised and meaningful engagements — with higher efficiency at lower cost. Its seamless integration combines natural language understanding (NLU) and speech analytics from Google Cloud with industry-leading cloud contact centre software from Genesys. Real-time assistance empowers agents to answer even complex queries quickly and efficiently. Genesys customers can use the simple, secure and flexible Google Cloud Contact Centre AI to quickly implement, train, configure and use bots — then act on them across any channel. Our joint customers also automate routing tasks like payment processing and easily update business logic for all channels.

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Genesys and Microsoft offer world-leading expertise in infrastructure and productivity combined with subject matter expertise in Experience as a Service℠ — enabling any business to simplify their infrastructure and technology selections. Our expanding alliance includes full integration of Microsoft Teams and Genesys Cloud. Contact centre agents can collaborate with any employee using Teams to resolve customer issues faster and deliver better service. The alliance also unlocks new value, personalisation and insights via Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Cognitive Services. And with Genesys on Azure, customers get a multi-tenant architecture with the latest in container-based software development, deployment and operation, as well as the recognised track record of Microsoft Azure as a global Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider.

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Our alliance with Zoom makes it easier for teams to work together more efficiently. Genesys Cloud integration with Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings enables organisations to power their entire enterprise communications strategy and improve collaboration across the business. Combining Genesys Cloud with Zoom video-first business calling and meeting solutions gives companies more flexibility and control. The joint solution is easy to configure and offers a single unified interface so employees can easily access both Zoom solutions and provide better customer service. All employees can collaborate with colleagues quickly via Zoom Meetings without ever leaving Genesys Cloud.


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