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In less than 90 days, online fashion retailer TechStyleOS transformed its global contact centres — gaining the customisation it needed quickly and cost-effectively. By implementing the Genesys Cloud CX™ platform, the retailer gained real-time visibility into performance KPIs, flexibility to handle retail peaks, and the ability to seamless build and embed custom solutions and artificial intelligence (AI). Its high-speed innovation enhances personalised experiences for more than 5 million members worldwide.

Under 90 days

from contract signing to full global rollout

Easier to flex

resources and handle retail peaks

Native integration

for AI, workforce optimization and social channels

Better visibility

with real-time reporting

Rapid launchpad

for future digital services

With Genesys Cloud CX, we have a robust CX platform with all the features needed to raise the bar on the service we provide to members.

Aarde Cosseboom

Senior Director of GMS Technology, Analytics, and Product


Handpicked style that’s always on trend

Famed for membership-based digital brands, TechStyleOS is the retail partner of choice for celebrities like Rihanna and Kate Hudson. Using a unique software engine, its website and eCommerce platform provide personalised experiences for more than 5 million online shoppers.

To propel the business forward, TechStyleOS sought to transform its global contact centres by increasing service automation and focusing human resources on revenue-generating work. It also needed a more economical way to deal with spikes in volume.

Ready to run in 45 minutes

Achieving those goals on a legacy platform was challenging. TechStyleOS found it hard to integrate its CRM solution, bots and social channels, or offer new services. Unable to roll back software changes, downtime became more regular while quality assurance was resource-heavy — with little opportunity for real-time intervention.

Following an 18-month market-wide tender, TechStyleOS chose the Genesys Cloud CX platform. “We wanted an out-of-the-box solution with rich capabilities so we could deploy quickly, while also delivering rapid time-to-value,” said Aarde Cosseboom, Senior Director of Global Member Services Technology, Analytics and Product. “In addition, we wanted the ability to cost-effectively customise the platform.”

Initially, TechStyleOS considered taking a phased approach to implementation, but the easy-to-use Genesys interfaces and provisioning tools meant a big global rollout took under 90 days. “It’s not like we had to learn a new code set,” Cosseboom added. “Users were off and running after 45 minutes of eLearning and training — in good time for our September peak season.”

Currently, 1,000 fashion consultants use the solution for dedicated support to customers across brands, such as Fabletics, Savage X Fenty, JustFab, ShoeDazzle and FabKids. That digital shopping experience is delivered across 12 countries in seven languages. Largely transactional in nature, contacts last around nine minutes. They include over 10 million member interactions annually via voice, web chat, social media and messaging apps — all handled professionally and efficiently.

Supervisors and agents now have visibility into accurate real-time reports and have tighter control of KPIs like call quality, handle times and first contact resolution.

Built for innovation

The smart data layer and public APIs embodied in the Genesys Cloud CX platform connect critical systems and power new connections between applications. For example, now TechStyleOS can simply shift existing carrier services at no charge, which other vendor offerings couldn’t enable the company to do. In addition, the Genesys Cloud CX platform has provided critical features like e-support chat, social channel support and workforce optimisation (WFO) with speech analytics.

TechStyleOS has used AI for several years, including a voicebot from Genesys, which was seamless to turn on with the new platform. The company can build and embed more custom solutions, such as a virtual agent to automate conversations over voice, chat and text.

Set up in two days, an Amazon Lex bot now frees human agents from dealing with billing inquiries, order checks and similar routine tasks. “We’re now able to route, measure and expand new digital channels as customer preferences change,” said Cosseboom.

More resilience and flexibility for less

Combining Amazon Web Services microservices with triple-active redundancy enables TechStyleOS to push new releases without fear of downtime. This is especially important during fashion launches and busy sales periods. Plus, the number of users can be flexed easily using a low-cost concurrent pricing model.

It’s not like we had to learn a new code set. Users were off and running after 45 minutes of eLearning and training, in good time for our September peak season.

Aarde Cosseboom

Senior Director of GMS Technology, Analytics, and Product


“With Genesys Cloud CX, we have a robust CX platform with all the features needed to raise the bar on the service we provide to members,” concluded Cosseboom. “And, since we’re only paying for the people actually using it — not each named user regardless of whether they’re online — we anticipate significant savings.”

Innovation is always in fashion. TechStyleOS is considering Genesys Predictive Engagement with predictive chat so that agents can identify the best time to engage with customers who browse the website.

At a glance

Customer: TechStyleOS

Industry: Retail

Location: US and global

Company size: 900 concurrent agents


  • Reduce non-revenue-generating calls to live agents
  • Offset volume spikes associated with subscription billing
  • Implement automation without sacrificing customer experience

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