Contact Center Modernization

Take Your Contact Center Customer Experience to the Next Level

The Modern Enterprise Contact Center

For enterprise call centers, modernizing business processes and platforms to support an omnichannel customer experience is a key differentiator to drive better business results.

Customer Journey Impact with Call Center Modernization

For organizations seeking to seamlessly and cost-effectively modernize their call centers, there are five primary areas to consider:

  1. End-of-Lifecycle ACD Replacement

    Toward the end of an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) system’s lifecycle, the costs and risks of maintaining the equipment begin to rise steadily. Needed upgrades and potential outages make replacing the technology an essential part of serving customers today.

  2. Customer Experience Innovation

    Innovating the customer experience while taking advantage of improved business processes is the ideal approach to contact center modernization. It provides a lasting foundation for achieving optimal customer experiences at the lowest cost of operations. Breaking down the organizational silos and removing technology constraints of legacy infrastructure enables you to deliver consistent experiences at every touchpoint and across all channels of the customer journey. It also enables you to stay competitive in any market you serve.

  3. TDM to SIP Infrastructure Refresh

    Because they are primarily hardware-based, costly to operate, and difficult to implement, TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing) systems face an uncertain future. The legacy PBX infrastructure is limited to the functionality of the ACD and lacks extensibility. PBXs are hampered by problems with interoperability and upgradability that are driving enterprises to look for more flexible and dynamic solutions. The adoption of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) as an open standard can speed your evolution to an IP-based contact center. Through the power and flexibility of a SIP-enabled ACD replacement, organizations have the freedom to adopt agile architecture and administration models, while embracing new applications and services. IP soft switches, ACD as a software application layer, and SIP enablement are the catalyst components in this evolution.

  4. Operational Efficiency Gains

    Ensuring your company has sufficient contact center staff properly trained to handle a wide range of customer interactions has never been more challenging. But now you can ensure that each customer is reaching the most appropriate agent. More and more companies like yours are virtualizing contact centers to fully utilize their most important asset – their people.

    Genesys gives you everything you need to create a great customer experience through highly scalable and flexible contact center virtualization. With Genesys, creating a powerful, virtualized customer engagement environment to route any customer interaction across your departments, teams, and locations, is easy. This is underpinned through Continuous Workforce Optimization, including planning, scheduling, and managing your people across your company.

  5. Multichannel Interaction Management

    Multichannel touchpoints have greatly complicated the end-to-end customer journey. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform is unique in its ability to ensure consistent omnichannel customer experiences at every digital touchpoint and channel. The platform preserves context and history across interactions, smoothing out the conversation as customers transition between channels. Genesys supports multiple digital channels, including web (email, forms, chat, WebRTC, social media) and mobile (SMS/MMS messaging, self-service, apps) to deliver the consistent experiences regardless of the channels.

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