Reporting & Analytics

Deliver Great CX with Reporting & Customer Experience Analytics Solutions to Improve Agent Performance to Better Meet Your SLAs


Delivering on your SLA (service level agreement) promise across all communication channels and work items can be a complicated task. Many customer experience solutions rely on multiple vendors and as a result do not offer a single, real-time view of activity and information across all channels and systems. At the same time, many contact center operations still analyze their performance based on ACD reports that hides statistical variances needed to identify differences in employee performance.

Customer experience management is more important than ever to today’s contact centers, and the growing number and variety of channels into the contact center mean that experience is often more than just a phone call. Voice-centric Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are no longer sufficient to analyze contact center performance. While traditional KPIs still have a place in today’s contact centers and ultimately affect customer experience, organizations must also use new KPIs to measure success in the omnichannel contact center.

With the assistance of valuable analytics tools like speech analytics and predictive analytics, managers can evaluate an entire customer journey. According to Nemertes Research, 23% of organizations use these customer experience analytics tools in their contact centers and another 23% are planning or evaluating implementing them. While workforce optimization is a top driver for predictive customer experience analytics, 29% of IT leaders state that they use contact center predictive analytics in order to improve customer experience.

The top three use cases for contact center customer experience reporting and analytics are:

  1. Predicting future issues and contact requests,
  2. Identifying agents best suited to handle contact requests, and
  3. Predicting upcoming peaks and valleys in incoming contact requests

Customer Experience Solutions Reporting and Analytics Across The Entire Customer Journey

Genesys provides a complete set of reporting and advanced analytics capabilities to manage your customer experience solutions, helping you increase employee performance and deliver consistent omnichannel customer experiences across their journeys. Real-time statistics are also delivered for intraday management that will help you optimize your workforce performance and operations.

Intuitive Dashboards and Informative Reports

Using intuitive and configurable real-time dashboards, the Genesys Customer Experience Platform gives your business a predefined universe, reducing the time needed to develop new reports. The simple and highly graphical presentation layer for Genesys lets you generate meaningful and visually informative reports that drive new levels of customer satisfaction.

Monitor Your Omnichannel Service Levels to Deliver Consistent Customer Experiences and Increase the Efficiency of Your Omnichannel Workforce

Businesses around the world are typically unprepared for the management of real-time multi-site, omnichannel contact center operations. Voice-only reporting systems already frustrate managers looking to maintain consistent customer service across multiple operations while also keeping costs in check. A typical omnichannel and multi-operational environment produces a range of overlapping reports that rarely contain the depth of business insight that managers need to understand if current operations are to align with business goals.

Genesys improves your real-time contact center and resource management by bringing information together, providing coherent and useful answers, and empowering users to take action. Consolidating and correlating events within seconds from disparate media channels and data sources, Genesys identifies the root cause of events, and enables immediate action to improve operations. It then allows you to study actions taken for later review — all within a business-centric understanding of real-time events.

Delivering operation-wide visibility and action management through a web-based application, Genesys pulls customer interaction data and displays performance metrics from a variety of sources, including revenue, units and customer satisfaction. Real-time monitoring enables your operational staff to control their service level objectives, make timely and informed decisions and deliver a consistent, omnichannel customer experience.

Monitor One View of Your Customer Service Performance Across All Locations

Genesys business dashboards allow you to monitor service levels across your entire customer service organization and map your organizational structure to strategic business performance indicators.

Through a web-based interface, business managers are provided with a real-time view of contact center performance. They can tailor the business dashboard to their needs by simply configuring queue, agent and other statistics to be displayed using dashboard widgets. Using various graphical formats such as a list view, donut graphs and stacked bars, performance information can be easily displayed for managers who prefer information to be represented in an intuitive, visually compelling way.

Genesys helps to turn real-time information into action through the ability to directly change agent skills and keep track of action-history. Your business users can administer and track the actions taken to resolve specific escalations, increasing their ability to more quickly resolve future situations.

Genesys also notifies you of trends that identify small incidents that could turn into larger problems, through configurable statistics and the ability to drill down and find the root-cause of potential bottlenecks.

Manage System Health to Guarantee Maximum Uptime and Meet IT Compliance Requirements

Legacy telephony architectures require local, specialized resources to ensure the health and uptime of contact centers. However, a lack of consolidated logging and reporting capabilities make fault diagnosis and rapid recovery of system failures time-consuming and resource-intensive.

All of which means that your IT department has to waste time consolidating data from disparate systems and third-party applications. And, in many multi-site deployment scenarios, this data only provides visibility into system silos and not the entire enterprise architecture.

Genesys provides centralized, multi-site logging of systems and application health to maximize uptime, recover quickly from failures and meet IT compliance requirements – such as PCI/DSS – through detailed auditing capabilities.

Genesys actively monitors and notifies administrators about remote site, communication session, database, user authentication and authorization and other component failures. An extensive logging capability also allows for detailed interaction tracing to identify flaws in routing design or business rule logic, simplifies the diagnostic process and speeds the time to resolve the problem.

Built-in IT management capabilities help you maximize uptime and lower cost of ownership by identifying and resolving conditions critical to the business continuity of your contact center operation.

Monitor and Tune your Customers’ Journeys in Real Time to Gain Full Visibility into Performance, Trending and Compliance

The Journey Dashboard provides real-time, aggregate visibility into customer journeys across all relevant channel interactions to monitor journey progress, uncover trends, identify root causes for problems, and optimize customer engagement orchestration.

Using intuitive and configurable real-time dashboards, managers can tailor the display widgets for each journey to generate meaningful and visually insightful reports. For example, you can monitor the number and type of customer journeys started in the last 24 hours, which channels they started on, the event status within each journey, and how it’s trending throughout the last day, hour or any length interval.

Knowing which events customers are encountering on a specific journey informs how they are engaging with you to support optimization, while a drop in the frequency of journeys or events could indicate a problem with customer-facing applications. You can readily set alert thresholds on the displays to call out when a journey or event metric is out of compliance or the expected range to trigger a review and corrective action.