Omnichannel Desktop

Omnichannel Desktop Empowers Agents to Deliver Optimal Customer Experiences Across Channels and Touchpoints

Customers expect seamless service experiences regardless of the communication channel, digital device or interaction context. In order to deliver the optimal customer service experience, your agents, and other knowledge workers, must be equipped with a single omnichannel desktop application to service all channel interactions and work item queues with supporting context and knowledge through integration with CRM and other applications or knowledge bases.

Omnichannel Desktop empowers agents with customer journey insights

The Genesys Omnichannel Desktop delivers the single desktop that empowers agents and knowledge workers with the industry-leading desktop environment to deliver the right responses at the right time, personalized for each individual case with insight into their customer journey history. Agents and other knowledge workers are equipped with an out-of-the-box desktop solution to manage omnichannel interactions, engage customers in multimodal interactions, enforce your business rules through advanced scripting, and support work item queuing, blended work schedules and just in time training.

Open integration and extensibility ensure that your desktop is fully integrated with legacy applications and third-party data sources and utilizes customer preferences and journey history.

Connect Customer Experiences Across Multiple Channels to Provide Agent Visibility and Insight into the Entire Customer Journey

Your customers expect an interactive experience that can involve multiple channels – including voice, web, email, social, SMS, chat and fax. The Genesys desktop provides omnichannel capabilities that help your agents and knowledge workers manage customer interactions effectively and intuitively over any communication channel the customer chooses. Context is maintained over time, across transfers between different agents and during service escalations – enabling seamless conversations and a better customer service experience throughout the customer journey. Agents and knowledge workers can view each step of the customer’s journey, empowering them to deliver a contextually relevant response to every customer.

Omnichannel capabilities help you match customer interaction preferences at each stage of the conversation, applying consistent business logic and service levels as context is carried across each stage. Through this, you can transfer public dialogue into a more private realm (such as moving Twitter or Facebook conversations to email), and proactively design the customer service experience you want customers to have, regardless of channel.

In addition to matching customer interaction preferences and expectations, Genesys helps you drive costs out of your contact center by shifting interactions to lower cost channels. We can also help you efficiently improve your customer service experience levels, supporting multiple channels while eliminating the need for cumbersome, disconnected applications.


Empowering Faster, Lower Effort and More Accurate Customer Service

Information is everywhere, but it is inconsistent, often outdated and unmanageable because of the disconnected nature of service channels. This leads to agent, knowledge worker, and customer frustration as well as higher business costs.

Knowledge from Genesys transforms fragmented information into insights. It raises the effectiveness of individual agents and knowledge workers – and your team's overall efficiency – by ensuring workers can tap the information they need to deliver exactly what customers want, without delay.

Knowledge is seamlessly integrated with the desktop to:

Knowledge Center Allows Agents to See Customers Search History
  • Display customer search history to show what the customers have searched, reviewed, and ignored online before they escalated to human-assisted service
  • Allow search of knowledge bases for any content that may not have been exposed to public websites and filter the results based on context to find the right answer quickly
  • Empower agents and knowledge workers to transfer the resulting knowledge to the interaction response with a single click
  • Leverage workers’ subject matter expertise and allow them to contribute content to the knowledge base - administrators can review the content before publishing it for customer consumption
  • Assist in providing answers with perfect consistency across channels.

With knowledge integrated into the desktop, you can ensure that your customers are consistently getting exactly the information they need – on any channel and any touchpoint. This leads to lower customer effort, better customer service and greater customer loyalty.

Deliver Omnichannel Customer Context to Empower Workers

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform enables you to proactively design and orchestrate previously random customer journeys, enhancing customer service levels and employee satisfaction in powerful new ways.

While Genesys Routing identifies and facilitates customer journeys to optimize self-service engagement, the desktop’s Journey History informs agents and knowledge workers with a timeline view of all important customer journeys and the interactions that comprise them to ensure personalized, consistent and low effort assisted-service delivery. The desktop provides a bird’s eye view of the customer profile, key performance indicators, sentiment analysis and each customer’s journeys with drill down for additional interaction status and context.

Omnichannel Desktop Shows Customer Journey

With insight into each customer’s active journeys, agents and knowledge workers can personalize service, facilitate next steps, or take advantage of the inbound contact opportunity to recommend offers based on the journey context. This omnichannel journey visibility addresses the common challenge of information silos precluding the ability to support customers in context of the entire customer journey.

Improve Quality, Efficiency and Compliance by Guiding Your Agents During Customer Interactions

Every contact center strives to improve agent productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver a customer experience that creates new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Genesys Agent Scripting raises the effectiveness of individual agents – and your team's overall efficiency – by guiding them during customer conversations, meeting specific business requirements. Using automation and effective scripting helps your agents consistently control the dialogue, improving interactions and business outcomes. Scripting also reduces training time, guiding your agents to successfully apply knowledge at the right time to address customer needs and close new business.

Genesys helps you incorporate best practices and enforce compliance to reduce talk times and transfers between agents. Your business managers are equipped to visually design call flows and desktop interfaces for legacy CRM and other information systems, creating efficiencies and allowing your organization to respond to ever-changing requirements.

Genesys Agent Scripting hides the complexity of back-end business processes and data sources from agents, yielding better workforce optimization across your contact center.

Distribute Work Items Based on Priority, Agent Availability and Skills

To optimize front office and back office workforce efficiency and deliver the best-possible customer experience, your knowledge workers need to know which work has the highest priority based on any number of conditions for a given agent’s skill set. Genesys leverages business rules that analyze priorities and context to deliver the right work items to the right agents at the right time. These work items might be cases, trouble tickets, faxes, scanned documents, emails, tweets or any queued work. Work items include the full context of the work, to aid in its efficient processing.

Genesys integrates with your legacy ERP, BPM and CRM applications to create a prioritized list of work items and then presents a configurable number of work items to the desktops. The distributed work items integrate customer profile information and background context, and are distributed based on your business priorities, service level agreements (SLAs) and work item value.

Regardless of location, the Genesys Omnichannel Desktop ensures that your workers are receiving the most important work items at the right time. Genesys supports blending work schedules to include real-time interactions such as voice and chat, as well as deferred work items like email, cases, etc. Genesys helps you optimize your workforce capabilities and provide better customer service to drive both customer loyalty and operational efficiency.