Frost & Sullivan Recognises Genesys as a Leader in Workforce Optimisation

In a complex and dynamic world, people desire to be heard, seen and understood — and that includes your contact centre employees. Not only is their work evolving as more interactions take place on digital channels, but they’re also being asked to handle more complex issues.

Contrary to popular belief, the automation of simpler interactions — those not requiring human skills like empathy — will not only benefit your agents but they’ll embrace them, too. Workers worldwide crave flexibility, control over their schedules, and processes and technologies that enable them to succeed — and organisations are taking notice. In fact, contact centre employee experience is emerging as the customer experience (CX) priority for business leaders, according to “The State of Customer Experience” report by Genesys.

Today’s agents are striving to serve digitally savvy consumers who expect fast, professional and efficient interactions regardless of the channel they’re on — something that’s proving challenging for many organisations. In fact, CX Leaders surveyed in the report cited “Keeping pace with rising customer expectations” as the greatest challenge facing their company’s CX function.

Successful organisations are increasingly focused on employees as individuals, creating personalised environments and career paths that leverage their strengths and set them up for success. They’ll enable agents to become knowledge workers who can resolve even the most complex customer issues.

Genesys makes it easy to enhance the experiences of customers and employees alike. Genesys Cloud® Workforce Engagement Management tools enable companies to unleash their employees’ potential — and transform their customer experience. We believe that’s why Frost & Sullivan recognised Genesys as a Leader in Workforce Optimisation in its “Frost Radar™: Workforce Optimisation Solutions, 2023” report.

Frost & Sullivan recognised Genesys for its:

  • Latest generative artificial intelligence (AI) addition and acquisition of that expands its predictive, conversational language processing and analytics capabilities
  • The Genesys Beyond education programme, a unique continuous learning journey, covering platform utilisation, optimisation, development, agent interaction and soft skills
  • The strategic focus on addressing new vertical use cases and extending platform capabilities with additional APIs and integrations that will help highlight Genesys product scalability and its flexibility as a provider
  • A focus on offering optimal value and personalised, tailored experiences, including flexible engagement models, that tap into the growing interest in the mid-market adoption of WFO

Minimising Employee Stress, Maximising Customer Loyalty

Genesys Workforce Engagement Management helps organisations empower, recognise and assist their workers. These capabilities provide clear visibility of contact centre trends and KPIs — helping businesses take agents to the next level rather than focusing on their mistakes.

Our workforce engagement management (WEM) capabilities are always evolving, with 100 new features added last year. Agent capabilities involve flexible scheduling, gamification and personalised training and coaching. Easy functionalities for supervisors and managers empower forecasting, scheduling, quality management, performance reviews and monitoring.

These cloud-native WEM capabilities are built on Genesys Cloud, an all-in-one cloud contact centre platform that empowers personalised experiences at scale across the employee and customer journey. With conversational, predictive and generative AI capabilities working in unison, the composable CX platform drives stronger customer experiences through smarter self-service and intelligent automation — all while empowering employees with enhanced listening, learning, real-time analysis and gamification that helps them perform better and attain their goals. Managers are enabled to drive employee development and engagement through insights, recommendations and actions. This seamless coordination is called experience orchestration.

Experience orchestration enables technology, interactions and touchpoints to deliver superior experiences across the customer and employee journeys. It involves collecting real-time data from various channels like voice, digital and social, as well as information from systems of record such as CRM and ERP solutions; deriving context and intent from this data; and then using AI to take the next-best action to deliver the right experience at the right time. Ultimately, experience orchestration empowers businesses to drive meaningful outcomes and build deeper, more loyal relationships with their customers and employees.

Get the full Frost & Sullivan report to learn more about why Genesys was named a Leader in workforce optimisation and learn more about Genesys.