Steering toward innovation with blended AI

Owned by the City of Oslo and Akershus County Municipality, Fjellinjen manages payment collections for 83 toll roads. With more than 650,000 registered accounts, the company handles about 108 million toll passages each year, generating valuable revenue for reinvestment in the region’s transport infrastructure. Aligned with a vision to make travel easy, Fjellinjen is always looking for new ways to improve customer experience.

While a Genesys® PureConnectTM on-premises solution had served the company well, Fjellinjen wanted to take advantage of a more agile cloud model. “We were introduced to PureCloud and immediately became intrigued,” said Richard Vogt, Operations Manager at Fjellinjen. “The idea of open APIs and omnichannel interactions, without dealing with hosting, was very attractive. It had a great roadmap and the price wasn’t bad either.”

Within less than two years since deploying the PureCloud® solution, Fjellinjen has unified operations across its Oslo and Belgrade service centres. “The PureCloud desktop was easy to pick up,” said Vogt. “It brings predictability and takes away stress for our agents. Also, we’ve not had a serious outage in 22 months. This is by far the most stable platform we’ve ever used.”


  • Over half of chat enquires solved automatically
  • 30% savings on licensing and support costs
  • Faster response through email, from 5 days to 24 hours
  • 95% first call resolution
  • 5% rise in agent productivity

The analytics we get from PureCloud have transformed the way we manage resource scheduling, reporting, and other important daily tasks.

Trond Martinsen, Traffic Manager, Fjellinjen


  • Increase service automation and efficiency
  • Convert cloud and AI into tangible benefits