What is a multichannel cloud contact centre?

A multichannel cloud contact centre is a customer experience solution that integrates multiple touchpoints, including voice, text, social media and the web, and makes them accessible via an Internet server. You can access a multichannel cloud contact centre from virtually anywhere, eliminating the need for increased physical infrastructure while meeting the evolving demands of today’s customer communication preferences.

How Genesys can help

With the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, you can design a custom and cost-effective multichannel cloud contact centre. The single software connects multiple touchpoints to provide omnichannel customer experience and increased customer satisfaction.

A multichannel cloud contact centre enhances the customer experience through:

  • Multichannel interactions that create an end-to-end customer journey
  • Personalised and integrated customer service solutions to deliver on your brand promise
  • Competitive advantage with a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint
  • Flexible and scalable deployment to meet your business needs

Find out how to select the right multichannel cloud contact centre solution to meet your needs. Download the Ovum Report to learn more.