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Cultivating a successful business with gamification

Senske Services is one of the leading regional lawn, tree and pest control companies in the Western US, serving customers from Utah and Nevada to Idaho and Washington. The company, which was founded in 1947, has a long history of providing top-of-the-line customer care and service. However, because its contact centre agents had to use two separate platforms to handle and monitor day-to-day tasks, managers had to manually pull information to make data-informed decisions about KPI goals and individual employee performance. CRM data wasn’t available until the following day, meaning employees were less agile and engaged in the workplace.

To make its contact centre more engaged and efficient, Senske partnered with Genesys to consolidate contact centre technologies and data onto a single platform. It also aimed to gather actionable insights about team performance. By doing so, employees could stay up-to-date on their goals and objectives, and supervisors could stay focused on more important tasks.

Charles Williams, Call Center Manager of Senske Services, noted about working with Genesys: “They took the time to understand not only our business needs but the culture of our company so they could make sure the platform was tailored to fit our team.”


  • 300% increase in total revenue generated
  • 250% rise in revenue generated per hour
  • 55% increase in revenue generated per call
  • 150% increase in total programs sold to customers

Now, instead of running reports all day to keep our employees up to speed on our KPIs, our agents just make two to three clicks, and they are connected to their metrics on their terms. nGAGEMENT is more than just an interactive KPI dashboard. It's a tool that helps our employees own their performance.

Charles Williams, Call Centre Manager, Senske Services

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  • Improve access to siloed data
  • Enhance contact center efficiency
  • Boost employee engagement and performance

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