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Maximise uptime and protect your Genesys investment

Lock and key

Gain access to all Genesys software upgrade/update releases

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Increase your productivity and lower cost per incident

Interactive touchpoint

Get hands-on knowledge and ongoing insights into advanced functionality

Access MySupport, the Genesys Customer Care communications portal

Protect your investment with 24/7 global support

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Access always-on expert advice with the Genesys Knowledge Network

Access the Genesys Knowledge Network collection of resources, tools and expert advice on product features, ways to mitigate outage risks and how to evolve platform performance. Improve your team’s skills and self-sufficiency by searching our knowledge base for answers to customer questions, watching tech tutorial videos for deeper dives into common problems and engaging with Genesys Customer Care experts in the unified community site.

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Anticipate and prevent service incidents with Genesys Customer Care tools

Even the best-run businesses can’t anticipate every issue. Use Genesys monitoring tools to identify and resolve problems before availability incidents affect your business. Quickly find the root cause of potentially serious issues, provide better data for support cases and oversee the health of your environment. Continually tune your environment for stability with Genesys Customer Care tools and expertise.


Resolve issues faster with our tier-less support model

Seconds count when it comes to your mission-critical systems. Our tier-less support model gets you access to the right expert—at the right time—to solve your problem fast. Use a collaborative problem-solving approach with an array of diagnostic tools and communication channels to reduce time-to-resolution so that you can get back to delivering a great experience for your customers.