Car dealer accelerates revenue in a slowing market

As an automotive retail network dealing with some of the most exclusive car brands in the world, Inchcape cannot afford to let its high-value customers down. But dealing with incoming calls was a problem for dealerships where people were tied up with sales.

That’s why the company decided to use Genesys technology to take the heat off dealers. It set up a 95-agent call centre that could handle all incoming calls and also phone out to customers with scheduled service reminders.

Outbound call productivity has gone up by about 50% and the business is capturing up to 30% more potential after-sales bookings. Customers are happier with the more proactive approach. And luxury car makers are pleased with the effect on their brands.


  • Captured up to 30 percent more inbound after-sales calls
  • Outbound dialing boosted productivity by 50 percent
  • Achieved after-sales growth in a declining market

We’ve been able to improve business processes, enhance customer service, increase the number of customers we’re proactively contacting, and deepen the level of customer knowledge within the business.

Sharon Adams, Sales and Service Manager, Inchcape