Serve more customers in less time with contact centre automation

Put the power of automation to work for your business

It’s time to automate. End-to-end automation drives innovation. It’s the key to ensuring that your prospects and customers have a seamless, consistent and personalised journey. Rethink your approach and improve the customer journey by automating your customer experience and back-end processes. You’ll see faster results, more revenue-generating opportunities and happier customers.

Start making automation work for you

The era of automation is here. Automation connects departments, systems and people to build a foundation for innovation. It gives you detailed reports on how you spend resources. And it captures, prioritises, routes, escalates and tracks any business process, end to end, enabling you to:

  • See when a task is assigned, resolved, who worked on it and how much time was involved
  • Archive data from every step of each process for a complete picture of each case
  • Capture what you learned from each interaction
Automated Routing

Free up agents to do their best work

The growing volume of customer interactions has led to widespread use of bots to handle repetitive or mundane tasks, particularly in self-service. Bots combine intelligent automation with predictive routing, orchestration and agents to engage customers in natural conversations using voice, text or microapps—across all parts of your organisation, so that you can:

  • Improve your machine-learning capabilities and add the human element at the right time
  • Free up human agents to engage with customers on more challenging issues
  • Automate identification and verification of customers

Make intelligent automation your “easy button”

Every contact centre environment has its flaws. Intelligent automation can help. Intelligent automation carries context from one channel to another, increases self-service rates and decreases average handling time. It resolves customer problems faster while reducing costs. See how efficiently you can:

  • Analyse call data for continuous improvements, such as optimising containment rate
  • Drill down into actionable data so that you can recognise trends and quickly find trouble spots
  • Reduce repeated calls, improve first contact resolution and reduce costs
Intelligent automated routing for sales

Send customers to the right agent at the right time

Using intelligent automation for sales means you can determine the most appropriate and personalised next step for prospects. Prioritise and distribute leads based on their value and timeliness in order to recapture lost sales opportunities. With intelligent automation, you can:

  • Increase sales conversion rates by delivering each opportunity to the best available sales rep
  • Quickly identify and follow up on online abandonments and improve sales efficiency
  • Automate the distribution of online transactions to improve sales attribution and reporting