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Data Tables for the Genesys Cloud platform

Advanced data hosting for your IVR platform

Data Tables for the PureCloud platform

Data Tables for the Genesys Cloud® platform provides low-cost database tables that are accessed from the Genesys Cloud IVR. Typically, your IVR reaches out to an external system to retrieve data and make informed routing decisions based on it. With Data Tables for the Genesys Cloud platform, the solution acts as a back-end storage system from which the Genesys Cloud IVR retrieves and updates data.

Easy administration

This Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-hosted app includes a simple administrative interface to manage storage and administration. Creating or updating a table is as simple as uploading a file. Data Tables stores data directly from a CSV document into a cloud-hosted database. When the database is no longer needed, it can be removed through a few simple clicks.

Quick implementation

Data Tables for the Genesys Cloud platform is a prebuilt, cloud-hosted, Genesys Professional Services application that you can quickly add and set up in your Genesys Cloud organisation. This reduces the burden on IT—eliminating the need to build out and maintain your own solution.


  • Easy-to-use interface that requires little or no training
  • Eliminates the need for extra database hardware for simple IVR data applications
  • Allows data access and manipulation through Genesys Cloud Architect data actions
  • Allows for querying data based on any column within the CSV document

Key Features

  • Access data from Genesys Cloud IVR through web service requests
  • Query for data based on the uploaded CSV file name and a query key
  • Easy-to-manage administrative interface to upload, download and delete CSV documents
  • Read, append or modify records from within the Genesys Cloud Architect IVR
  • Store up to 50,000 rows; 45 columns and up to 50 MB of data
  • Up to five tables per organisation

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