Customer Experience Analytics

Actionable insights into your contact centre operations, on-demand and in the cloud

CX Analytics

Genesys Customer Experience Analytics gives business-centric analysis of contact centre data to provide increased insight into the customer experience. Detailed reporting of application performance includes call data, Voice User Interface elements, agent performance, SLAs and more. Supervisors have everything they need to optimise efficiency and performance, from a mobile-accessible supervisor desktop to realtime metrics, reporting and call monitoring.

Key Features

  • Complete end-to-end reporting – Trace calls from IVR to call centre and gain insight based on IVR tasks and variables defined in the application.
  • Custom reports and delivery – Start with a report template, customise your reports and save them in the “My Reports” section to access later, or schedule them for automatic export and distribution.
  • Call volume reports allow you to drill into core metrics and turn this data by various time frames.
  • Performance & VUI analysis reports give a deep dive into caller paths, task completion rates, speech errors and more.
  • Multichannel queue statistics and activity reports give insight into call centre calls, SLAs, abandoned calls, missed calls, handle time, etc.
  • Agent performance reports insight into agent statistics—talk time, consult time, hold time, acw time, busy time, ready/not ready time


  • Complete end-to-end reporting
  • Application performance reports
  • Queue and agent call centre reports
  • Customisable views
  • Funnel analysis
  • Export and share
  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Anywhere Access

Customer Experience Analytics benefits

Genesys Customer Experience Analytics helps companies assess their contact centre applications and uniquely enables businesses to make iterative changes to continuously improve the customer experience.

Increase customer satisfaction

Through continuous analysis of your contact centre applications, Customer Experience Analytics can help drive more customer transactions to completion—and faster–thus achieving the customer’s goal resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Detect application performance issues

Drill down from high level aggregation to calls and recordings through a funnel view. Find out where callers are dropping off in an IVR system and quickly make positive changes to the call flow.

Increase containment

Identify what your customers are commonly calling about and address those issues up front through automation, effectively reducing the load on live agents while also increasing customer satisfaction by addressing caller needs quickly.

Improve agent productivity

Gain insight into contact handle times of abandoned and missed calls. Detect inefficiencies in agent performance that may need additional training.

Meet and exceed SLAs

View a business dashboard of all core metrics, including queue and agent activity, statistics such as total calls by time of day and average call duration, allowing you to schedule agents accordingly.

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Technical specification

Voice user interface reports

Track hang-ups, visits, time spent on a page, and other indicators of trouble spots in your voice application.

Application performance reports

Measure and track task completion metrics, automation and containment rates call queue and agent activity, and transferred call statistics.

Customisable reports and dashboards

Customise report views or create interactive, multi-tabbed dashboards from multiple data sources. Customise reports by sorting columns, removing columns and filtering data, then save the reports in a “My Reports” folder so they can be accessed later or subscribed to various formats—HTML, PDF, CSV, XLS.

Funnel analysis

View the path callers take through the system and identify entry and exit points, which areas are accessed most frequently, and hang-up points.

Export and share

Schedule reports to be automatically delivered via email to all major stake holders, or export reports to Excel for further analysis.

Historical reporting

Pull reports based on hundreds of metrics to review and measure the IVR, agents and routing, for example call parameter to see how your call metrics change over time.

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Customisable business dashboard for immediate insights on call centre activities allowing for quick changes as needed before trouble areas escalate.

Anywhere access

Genesys is on-demand and all reports can be accessed online wherever there is an internet connection or from IOS mobile applications downloadable from the Apple App Store.

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