Historically Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy efficiency, had hundreds of small call centers worldwide. That led to sub-optimal use of agent resources and varying customer service levels.

The company decided to consolidate the estate into fewer high-level contact centers, and chose the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. In total, 40 contact centers were integrated to meet more than 100 countries’ needs.

All calls are handled by human agents. In fact, for efficiency and best customer service, the Genesys system insures that the last agent to speak to the customer handles the call. Integration between Genesys and a Salesforce cloud-based CRM system insures agents have the full contact history in front of them.


  • 88 percent first call resolution
  • 90 percent of calls answered in 20 seconds
  • 90 percent of agents satisfied with the Genesys solution
  • Significant rise in customer satisfaction and agent efficiency
  • Consistent and unified reporting solution

“The Genesys Customer Experience Platform has greatly improved customer service efficiency and our ability to handle more calls.”

Jean-Pierre Nicolas
Customer Care Excellence Program Manager
Schneider Electric


  • Consolidate and harmonize multiple customer service centers worldwide
  • Increase customer and agent satisfaction while improving resource utilization