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Why Customer Experience Personalisation and Empathy is Key to Success in 2022

Empathy in customer service has arguably never been more important. Customers want to feel heard, understood and appreciated.

In this webinar, we will be joined by Genesys expert, Amanda Halpin, where we’ll explore why empathetic CX is crucial when building customer trust and loyalty. We will also discuss the following points:

• What does empathy in the contact centre actually mean?
• AI is key: The balance between using technology and human insights to drive effective personalisation and better CX.
• Live Demonstration of the Genesys Cloud CX platform: Using AI to drive empathetic experiences.
• Digital, human or hybrid? How can technology be deployed to allow agents to move away from transactional conversations to more meaningful interactions?

We look forward to seeing you there!

Meet the Speakers

Jas basnal

Jas Bansal
Head of Marketing

Will lusted

William Lusted
Business Development Manager

Amanda halpin 250×250

Amanda Halpin
EMEA Strategic Solutions Lead

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