The Future of AI in Customer Service:

On-demand Webinar

Peter Dorrington, Founder of XMplify Consulting; Dr Fatmah Baothman, Founder and Board President, Artificial Intelligence Society of Saudi Arabia; Dr Bertie Müller, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, Swansea University; Amanda Halpin, Senior Solution Lead for Digital AI, Genesys

Peter Dorrington speaks with three internationally recognised experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence discuss what the future holds for AI and Customer Service. In this session, discover:

• The current state of AI in Customer Service

• The importance of empathy in customer service and the role of AI

• What the future holds for AI, and what we should be thinking about today, ahead of an AI-enabled tomorrow


The research report ‘Empathy in Customer Service: A Consumer Survey and Practical Guide’ mentioned in the video can be downloaded here.

Meet the Speakers

Peter dorrington

Peter Dorrington

Baothman fatmah

Dr Fatmah Baothman
Founder & Board President
AI Society, Saudi Arabia

Bertie muller

Dr Bertie Müller
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Swansea University

Amanda halpin 222 height

Amanda Halpin
Senior Principal Solution Lead
Genesys EMEA

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