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The digital customer: How are retailers using AI and analytics to optimise customer service journeys in the omnichannel era?

Retail systems

In the on-demand economy, customers now expect to be able to engage with retailers for a range of customer queries, from delivery tracking, order changes, returns or complaints, at the click of a button and on the channel of their choice.

In addition, customers are expecting these interactions to be seamless and personalized, whether they choose to use one channel or move between several, as they switch from smartphone to online and chatbot to human advisor.

However, while e-commerce and the growth of digital channels have led to a rapid rise in data volumes about customers and their intentions when they contact a retailer, many companies are struggling to connect and truly leverage all of the elements of the customer journey to make it a driver of engagement and loyalty.

As a result, they risk losing out on the benefits of true omnichannel customer experience, as well as the strategic insights that listening to the customer on various channels can bring.

During this webinar we explored the role of AI and analytics in optimising omnichannel customer journeys.

Meet the Speakers


Hannah McGrath
Retail Systems


Wizz Selvey
Founder of WIZZ&CO
Retail Expert and Strategy Mentor


James Lancaster
Global Brand Experience Lead

Nick csm

Nick Chaillier
Senior Director in Global Retail RTM Strategy

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