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Proactively Engage Your Customers in Every Channel—Without Losing Your Mind!

Featuring Art Schoeller, VP and Principal Analyst, at Forrester Research

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Being “proactive” with your customers is not enough to survive in the market today. The truth is, organisations that understand how to engage customers on their preferred channels will create contextual, and relevant experiences for customers. Plus, they will see the financial impact of nurturing long-term customer loyalty.

Listen to our speakers Art Schoeller, VP and Principal Analyst, at Forrester and John Tallarico, VP of Product Management, at Genesys during this on-demand webinar. They’ll share proactive communication research results and customer examples, including:

  • Global statistics on customer usage, benefits, and a definitive maturity model of proactive customer communication
  • How proactivity is essential for firms who wish to become customer-obsessed
  • Detailed success story and recommendations for how to integrate proactive customer communication into your omnichannel engagement strategy

Meet the Speakers

Forrester art schoeller sm

Art Schoeller
VP and Principal Analyst, at Forrester

Webinar john tallarico

John Tallarico
VP of Product Management, Genesys

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