Demo Webinar

How to build a bot in an hour

Building a bot is easier than you think — and they’re a smart choice to rein in high costs of using agents for easily automated tasks. This hands-on demo webinar shows you how to build a bot once and deploy it anywhere on your website or IVR system.

Get the details behind building bots, including:

  • Identifying the right use case, customised to your needs
  • Designing bots to supplement agent efforts
  • Orchestrating multiple bots — Amazon, Google, IBM, Nuance, Genesys or others
  • Reporting on native and third-party bots in a single dashboard
  • How bots improve customer satisfaction

You’ll see how to quickly create and personalise chatbots or voicebots using capabilities like omnichannel, Natural Language Understanding and pre-built apps in Genesys AI.

Meet the Speakers

Marc sassoon webinar image

Marc Sassoon
Solutions Architect

Robert blane webinar image

Robert Blane
Sr. Manager, Product Management

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