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Future-proofing CX in Finance: Trends, Technologies, and Strategies

The role of a financial institution’s approach to customer experience (CX) is something which should never be underestimated. With the wealth of options available to customers in 2023 – whether they are consumers or enterprise – banks, insurers and other financial institutions need to look for ways that they can stand out from the crowd.

The latest State of Customer Experience Europe report from Genesys presents a fascinating and illuminating insight into this area and “uncovers how rapidly shifting customer preferences and declining satisfaction with digital channels are creating mounting business risks for organisations worldwide.”

In this FStech podcast, David Porter, Industry Director of Global Financial Services at Genesys joins FStech Editor Jonathan Easton to discuss the report’s findings, examine where banks are falling behind in CX and answer how they can set themselves apart by prioritising the wants and needs of their customers.

Meet the Speakers

David porter

David Porter
Industry Director of Global Financial Services

Jonathan easton

Jonathan Easton