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Expert forum: Choosing the best path for transforming a legacy contact centre

Today’s technology leaders often are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one side is the consumer whose changing expectations place increasing demands on the contact centre. On the other side is the business’ need for technology that keeps pace with these changing demands as well as the employees who use it daily.

Join Forrester analyst Art Schoeller and Kevin Krempulec, Vice President, NA Strategic Sales at Genesys to discuss ways to rethink your customer engagement model, mitigate risk and choose the best path forward.

You want a strong contact centre platform for the future. Outdated technology can become a liability to the business, a hindrance to employees and a potential crisis-in-the-making if it’s approaching end of support. The best way forward is with a customisable  program and service options that offer the flexibility to modernise at your pace—on your timeline and budget.

Learn critical insights about:

  • How the risks associated with older platforms expose you to far more than security vulnerabilities and learn about four less-obvious and hidden risk areas
  • Ways to avoid common pitfalls when considering available options—upgrade, migrate, transition—and accurately assess associated business value and risks
  • Going beyond technology and deployment to learn six critical considerations for choosing your best way forward

Since the start of 2017, Genesys has helped nearly 700 companies navigate  beyond legacy technology limitations to deliver next-generation customer experiences.

Meet the Speakers

Forrester art schoeller sm

Art Schoeller
VP & Principal Analyst

Kevin krempulec

Kevin Krempulec
VP NA Strategic Sales

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