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Employee Engagement is more than just a fad

Tips to make your customer and employee experience strategy more effective.

Employee Engagement isn’t just a phase, although the recent cost-of-living crisis may have taken the focus away from Covid, businesses that have embraced Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) continue to realise the positive impact on frontline colleagues, see a reduction in employee and customer churn and greater insight into customer journeys, making the operation efficient but not at the cost to the employee.

In this session we will hear real life customer stories and industry insight from The Forum and Genesys.

We will discuss and share;

  • The importance on Employee Engagement and the positive benefits it brings – lower attrition, improved performance, lower shrinkage, more profitability, better CX.
  • How WEM supports and drives Employee Engagement – native, fully integrated, single pane of glass sharing employee and customer insights reduces technology fatigue for frontline colleagues.
  • Employee Engagement accelerated when Covid hit, new challenges include the current cost-of-living crisis. Organisations, more than ever, need to balance astute commercial decisions on agile technology that continue to offer leading CX and EX.

Meet the Speakers

Paul turner 200

Paul Turner
WEM Innovation Lead (EMEA)

2022 chris (002)

Chris Rainsforth
Head of Operational Insight
The Forum

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