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Digital Transformation 2.0 for FSI: Plan your CX Strategy for 2020 and Beyond

For today’s FSI companies, providing great experiences for customers is just as important as the services you offer, or the transactions you process. With that in mind, how do you take the next step to digital transformation and plan for 2020 and beyond?

Join Genesys for this webinar and learn how to:
•Move from transactions to highly engaging experiences
•Execute an AI or machine learning strategy
•Balance risk and outcome when implementing new technology

We’ll look beyond individual tactics to a joined-up approach that incorporates your entire organisation and the technologies that impact CX.

Meet the Speakers

Webinar speaker rik mccrossan

Rik McCrossan
Sr. Business Development Manager, Sales, Genesys


Brendan Dykes
Senior Director Solution and Product Marketing, Genesys

Stefan kauck webinar

Stefan Kauck
Business Consulting Director, Genesys

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