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On-demand Webinar

Mohamad Afifi, Managing Director, Genesys Middle East
Sean Rooney, Product Manager AI, Genesys EMEA
Ahmad Sidawi, Sales, Genesys Saudi & Bahrain

When you create engagements based on empathy, customers feel remembered, heard and understood. To achieve personalized customer experiences at scale, you need the right technology and tools in place. At a high-level, it comes down to three components Data, AI, and powerful engagement tools. In this session, discover how to:

• Connect disparate data and technologies to contribute to an optimal customer journey

• Connect employees with the right tools and knowledge to drive confidence and success

• Connect customers with the right resource – human, automated, or a combination of both

Meet the Speakers

Afifi circle

Mohamad Afifi
Managing Director
Genesys Middle East

Sidawai circle

Ahmad Sidawi
Genesys Saudi & Bahrain

Rooney circle

Sean Rooney
Product Manager
Genesys EMEA

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