Five trendsetters in CX innovation

Building a competitive advantage through customer experience

Discover the strategies being used on the front lines

See how five trendsetting organisations — of diverse sizes and industries — have harnessed the power of modern cloud solutions to overcome traditional CX challenges, setting new benchmarks in both customer and employee engagement. These stories reveal how they navigated uncertainties and leveraged technology to place customer and employee satisfaction at the heart of their business model.

Each case study provides a unique perspective on overcoming customer experience challenges in uncertain times, offering actionable insights and inspiration for your own CX journey. They contain useful insights to help you implement the technologies and strategies that will position your organisation at the forefront of experience innovation.

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Learn how these CX trendsetters:

  • Achieved an 89% uplift in sales conversions
  • Created a 47% faster call routing process
  • Consolidated seven legacy enterprise systems in five months
  • Improved service levels by 87.5% and boosted revenue by 32%