Genesys PureEngage Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform

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Drive digital transformation across your enterprise

Customer experience is the new frontier for maintaining a competitive advantage. It takes a personalised, customer-centric approach across all channels to differentiate your brand and build loyalty. Deliver superior experiences and drive digital transformation at any scale with the Genesys PureEngage™ platform, the only omnichannel customer engagement solution for large-scale businesses.

Available on-premises and in the cloud, the PureEngage platform combines real-time contextual journeys, world-class intelligent routing and digital transformation to make customer experience a competitive differentiator. With robust, user-friendly tools, you can exceed customers’ rising expectations for personalised, seamless interactions. And because the solution supports extensive customisability through open APIs and web standards, you can easily extend capabilities to deliver operational efficiencies and a superior customer experience company-wide.

Unrivalled flexibility for better results

Your business is unique. You need a customer experience solution that gives you the flexibility to meet all of your requirements. The Genesys PureEngage solution provides unrivaled flexibility in a customer experience platform, one that integrates all of your systems while still leveraging existing investments.

The easy-to-configure and administer PureEngage platform enables you to rapidly deploy and turn on new applications and services when you need them. Drive digital transformation at scale and across your enterprise to unify all customer engagement teams—from marketing and sales to service and support. And you can choose the consumption model that’s right for your business—cloud, on-premises subscription or perpetual on-premises licensing.

Automated Routing

Engage across the entire customer journey

Every step of the customer journey is an opportunity to build brand loyalty and create better business outcomes. The PureEngage platform enables you to maximise these opportunities with true omnichannel engagement across the entire customer journey.

  • Orchestrate inbound and outbound engagement across all touchpoints, channels and resources.
  • Seamlessly integrate voice and digital channels, including video, email, chat, social, mobile, web, SMS and asynchronous messaging.
  • Gain visibility into all skilled resources in real time and match every interaction to the best resource with predictive matching.
  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automate dialogues in self-service, and choose the best agent with predictive routing in assisted service.
  • Counter the growth in contact volume with automation, while differentiating on end-to-end experiences.

Give employees what they need to succeed

Your customer experience is only as good as your employees. Guide their success with technology, training information and support, to help them effectively and efficiently deliver a seamless, personalised customer experience. Maximise employee capabilities and overall workforce management with a single, omnichannel customer experience platform.

The PureEngage platform empowers employees to manage channel interactions and work items with supporting context and knowledge, through integration with CRM systems, other applications and knowledge bases. With an enterprise-wide presence, employees can seamlessly collaborate and reach experts for additional support. Optimise resources across every channel with forecasting, capacity planning, scheduling, monitoring and real-time adjustments. Match interactions and work items to the right employee across the enterprise.

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Hit all of your business objectives

Your customer experience is inherently tied to your company’s success. Ensure that you reach your business objectives with the PureEngage platform.

  • Measure, understand and improve contact centre performance metrics with a single view of all KPIs across digital and voice channels.
  • Monitor interactions in real time to understand interactions as they happen and make timely and informed decisions.
  • Use intuitive and customisable reports to drive insights into customer satisfaction and employee performance.
  • Identify engagement patterns to identify ways of optimising customer journeys and experiences.

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