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Discover the radically easy
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One platform to power more connected, meaningful experiences

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Use the latest digital and AI innovations right now

You get rapid access to new functionality, including the latest innovations in AI-powered customer and employee journeys.

Simplify your tech stack for platform
and operational agility

You get the best and broadest customer and employee experience capabilities from a single, open technology platform.

Rest easy with a modern SaaS platform built for security and resiliency

You get a multi-tenant, microservices-based architecture you can trust — with the scale, flexibility and security you need.

A scalable cloud architecture you can trust

You can count on the industry’s best cloud platform — Genesys Cloud CX. We’ve spent more than ten years refining and testing our development philosophy and platform architecture. That means you get a platform that’s battle-tested and validated. Every service on the Genesys Cloud CX platform is built to the highest standards, so you can be sure:

Architecture 1

It’s multi-tenant, using microservices and an event architecture with continuous deployment to ensure elasticity, scalability and efficiency.

Architecture 2

It’s been through extensive automated unit and integration testing to check the performance of individual components and how they work together.

Architecture 3

It has a smart data layer and public APIs to power new connections between applications, so you can integrate critical systems and build custom solutions.

Architecture 4

It has authentication and meets our security specifications to ensure the safety of your customer information and comply with security standards.

A secure platform that
makes it easy to sleep at night

Know that your data is safe. Our dedicated team of security and privacy experts works hard to keep you protected from threats. The Genesys Cloud CX platform maintains strong encryption, logical isolation, stringent multi-tenant security standards and key industry certifications, so you can comply with regulations — no matter your industry or location.

Our certifications include: PCI-DSS Level 1, SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR. We’re also in the process of becoming FedRAMP-certified.

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An open platform makes customisation easy

Seamlessly connect your data, processes and systems — or even build a homegrown solution. Use the robust tools we provide
to build on top of the Genesys Cloud CX platform.

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Browse our app marketplace

More than 280 out-of-the-box integrations, add-ons and plug-ins make it easy to connect your Genesys cloud-based products with other mission-critical systems like CRM systems, HR programs, workforce management, business intelligence tools, third-party AI and more.

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Build anything with open APIs

You can build almost anything, in any programming language, using the same fully secured and versioned Public REST API that Genesys developers use. This API-first, native cloud platform handles more than 5 billion API requests monthly — and scales seamlessly as that volume grows.

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Consult our developer resources

Visit our online resource centre full of tutorials, documentation and knowledge articles to get started. Our extensive and organised APIs, SDKs and open-source projects are continually updated — and our public Developer Community is eager to help.

One platform. Two powerful SaaS options.

Your needs are unique; that’s why we give you options. Our two essential SaaS products, Genesys Cloud CX and Genesys Multicloud CX, are built on the Cloud platform. Let us help you choose the best fit for your goals.

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Built for people and built for change, the Genesys Cloud CX® application is designed for ease of use, radical simplification and speed. It was the first customer experience application to use an API-first, microservices architecture for unequalled scalability, reliability and flexibility for all teams.

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Built on 30 years of customer experience innovation, the Genesys Multicloud CX cloud application is designed for the largest and most sophisticated brands. It provides the most powerful routing engine on the planet — and connects you to top innovations in AI, digital technologies and employee experiences through Genesys Cloud CX.

We’ve got cloud clout.

Genesys Cloud CX isn’t just any cloud platform — it’s the industry’s best. Learn why leading analysts and customers of all sizes place Genesys at the top for cloud contact centre solutions.

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