What is customer journey optimisation?

Influence Positive CX with Customer Journey Optimisation from Genesys

Customer journey optimisation is the process of connecting and mapping customer interactions, across multiple touchpoints, in order to direct or influence the end-to-end experience.

Organisations who focus on optimising the customer journey drive customer loyalty. In today’s customer-centric IT economy, the challenge is to integrate multiple channels—mobile devices, website, social media, and voice— into a seamless customer journey. Omnichannel customer experience (CX) further complicates customer journey optimisation as customers may use multiple channels for a single interaction or need.

A customer journey management strategy is a critical business requirement in order to remain competitive. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform offers flexible deployment models to fit your business needs and the evolving demands of omnichannel CX.

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform offers:

  • Omnichannel customer engagement management
  • Personalised experience at every interaction
  • Data and real-time insights to anticipate a customer’s needs and improve first contact resolution

Download the white paper today to learn how to start mapping an optimised customer journey.