Strategic Business Consulting support turns your strategic vision into reality

Realise the business impact of customer experience

In today’s hyper-competitive world, success hinges on having a strategic vision and an actionable roadmap. Genesys Strategic Business Consulting gives you access to a dedicated team of business consultants that can help you achieve this with expertise in:

  • Customer experience management
  • Service design
  • Contact centre operational management
  • Workforce planning and staffing
  • Financial analysis and business models
  • Change management
  • Organisational readiness

Our business consultants bring backgrounds from industries that include financial services, insurance, telecommunications, government, education and travel.

Genesys strategic business consulting

Deliver the financial returns you promised

Align your business strategy with the power of innovative customer experience technology in order to build your future roadmap. Assess your current strategy, people, processes and technologies, and identify how they work together, to improve business and create exceptional experiences. Collaborate with Genesys Business Consulting for strategic advice on industry best practices, benchmark analysis, service design and more. Use Genesys benefit benchmarks and financial tools to perform a financial analysis and business modelling to understand—and improve—your ROI.

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Map your strategy, then make it real

Work with Genesys Strategic Business Consulting to implement your customer experience vision. Count on Genesys for the right people and expertise to help you align objectives with your digital transformation strategy. And then define a tailored, executable roadmap that’s supported by a solid financial business case to achieve your unique customer experience and operational goals. Map out a strategy and get support to follow through to realise tangible value.

“Genesys Business Consulting helped us address some of the big gaps we’d identified.”

—Jonathan Ng, Technology Manager for Sales Solutions in the CRM and Contact Centres, News Ltd.

Boost your business results

Analyse how to meet expected business outcomes within your customer experience operation and identify areas of improvement. Create an actionable plan to increase performance and get results. Review current operations to make certain you’re getting the most out of your Genesys investment. With operational workshops, as well as ROI and total cost of ownership models, you can align contact centre performance to your overall vision and position your organisation for future growth.

Boost your business results with genesys business consulting

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