Genesys Survey Solution

Create a competitive advantage by learning from your customers what you’re doing well and what you can improve

Genesys Survey Solution


  •  Modify surveys quickly in response to business intelligence priorities
  • Proactively identify improvement opportunities in processes, people and technology
  • Monitors customer service representative relationships with customers
  • Deployed in days not months

Key Features

  • Single interface for multiple surveys for both IVR and web
  • Browser-based survey design and reporting environment
  • Configurable number of survey questions and responses
  • CTI and web integration
  • Support for speech and DTMF recorded prompts, and TTS
  • Workflow rules to configure survey order and disposition
  • Free-form configurable duration recording of customer voice commentary for IVR surveys and free-form text commentary for web surveys
  • Agent Feedback Loop desktop widget provides customer satisfaction level with that specific agent in real-time

Listening to customers

In today’s competitive business climate, companies seek advantages to attract new customers and to secure the loyalty of existing customers. By conducting customer surveys, your company can better understand the needs and drivers of your customers. Then, analyse the collected data to gain clear, accurate and actionable insights into ways to attract—and retain—the most valuable customers.

Listen better with Genesys Survey Solution

This packaged self-service application is specifically for voice and web interactions so that a survey can be seamlessly offered right after voice, web chat or email customer interactions. Companies can capture direct feedback from callers regarding their opinions of products and services to assess customer satisfaction levels. It offers surveys to inbound, outbound, scheduled callback and web customers.

The surveys can be designed, tested and published through a configurable web-user interface. Genesys Survey Solution allows rapid duplication, modification and adaptation of both IVR and web surveys to meet changing business requirements.

Improve the intelligence gathered with contact attributes

Genesys Survey Solution gives you the intelligence to create a competitive edge to attract new customers. It blends customer opinions with facts about contact centre interactions and generates actionable reports. The Survey Designer feature incorporates questions that capture information about customer identity, the reason they called, the organisational touchpoints involved, the length of hold times and other important attributes of the contact. This valuable information is crucial to develop actionable views of customer interactions and to drive positive changes across the enterprise.

The Genesys Survey Solution increases the value of your Genesys Customer Experience Platform by bolstering customer retention and loyalty that can lead to greater profitability. You can meet your survey needs without the need for in-house survey development or third-party integration work and expense.

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"We’re very happy with the Genesys Survey Solution–it’s great to have the flexibility to make change easily and get almost real-time insight into how customers are feeling. We’re hoping to keep rolling it out to additional products."

Denise Ambrosio

Director, Voice of the Customer

First Data

Technical specifications

  • Operating systems: MS Windows Server 2008 and 2012; Red Hat Enterprise 4 or higher
  • Web application server: Apache Tomcat v7 and v8; WebSphere v6
  • User survey browser: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Administration: Internet Explorer v9 or higher
  • Voice platform: Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) v8 or higher (TDM or VoIP)
  • Nuance speech engine: As support by GVP version
  • Nuance text-to-speech engine: As supported by GVP version
  • Database support: MySQL v5.1.x; Oracle 11g and 12c; MS SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2016

Other features

  • Mobile and tablet-friendly
  • Customer satisfaction metrics via built-in reports that can be sorted or filtered by business attributes and exported into Excel
  • Sample survey template for quick customisation and implementation
  • Corporate style sheets that allow branding of web surveys
  • Secure user login and access

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