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Genesys Multimedia Communication Manager

Give your mission-critical contact centre a solid omnichannel foundation

Genesys Multimedia Communication Manager

When customers find it difficult to do business with you, they don’t just walk out the door—they run. Customer loyalty is harder to build and tougher to keep than ever. Your customers have options. With ubiquitous access to the internet, similar products and services are easy to find.

Every interaction can either undermine or underscore your commitment to great omnichannel customer experience. Enabling your customers to connect with you over any channel at any time shows them you value their preferences. When agents have the context of previous interactions — so there’s no repetition —and when wait times are short, you show customers that you value their time.

Common challenges

Does your contact centre have an infrastructure that can evolve to meet ever-growing customer expectations—one that empowers you to deliver the type of customer experience that fosters loyalty? Or does every new need or application present a struggle as you try to fit it into your existing architecture?

As an executive responsible for contact centre infrastructure, you know too well the limitations of your existing solutions. If your company added email, webchat, video and other channels as they become necessary, it’s likely they were implemented as independent, siloed solutions that make it difficult to deliver consistent customer experience. You may have complex integrations that are costly and time-consuming to implement or upgrade. Or perhaps your legacy ACD maintenance costs are skyrocketing and service is plummeting, even while its end-of-life looms.

Perhaps you have multiple contact centre sites with ACDs from disparate vendors. If you aren’t load-sharing between these sites, there could be times every day when customers are waiting (or abandoning) in one location while agents sit idle in another. Maybe you’re overstaffing each location.

Future-proof your contact centre

Do you need to:

  • Add video capabilities to more effectively address complex issues or interactions?
  • Enable agent-to-expert collaboration across your enterprise?
  • Empower agents with a unified omnichannel desktop that handles every type of contact?
  • Give agents the context of previous interactions to speed resolution of each inquiry?
  • Improve agility so you can handle new requests (change routing logic, etc.) at the pace your business requires?

The Genesys Multimedia Communication Manager is a robust contact centre solution that drastically reduces architectural complexity, facilitates new channel additions and enables customers to effortlessly transition between those channels. Based on an open-standard SIP platform, it provides the flexibility you need to adapt to ever-changing business needs. For example, you can easily add video capabilities to your contact centre, which improves collaboration across the enterprise and with your customers. Customers can share their screens with agents, and agents can collaborate with experts across the enterprise to promptly resolve issues.

Simplify infrastructure, reduce expenses and improve service delivery through:

  • A virtualised agent pool that offers economies of scale and improved resource utilisation
  • Centralised administration that reduces complexity and lowers IT and administrative expenses
  • The elimination of upgrade and maintenance costs associated with legacy PBX systems

Infrastructure options

What if you want to preserve your existing infrastructure while adding powerful capabilities? No problem. Genesys is well-known for interoperability with other vendors’ ACDs, so you’re able to optimise your current investments and gain a centralised routing engine, a virtualised agent pool, unified administration, an omnichannel agent desktop, integrated video, and much more.

On the other hand, you might need a more robust foundation and consolidated infrastructure. Maybe your hardware and maintenance costs continue to climb, and you feel as though you’re being held hostage by the limitations of proprietary platforms. Or perhaps you’re facing a difficult, expensive overhaul—maybe even a full-on forklift upgrade if your existing system is nearing end-of-life.

Either way, Genesys can help.

The Genesys Multimedia Communication Manager system an open-standard solution you can use to supercharge your existing infrastructure or enable a smooth transition from your legacy platform to a modernised omnichannel contact centre that’s based on the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.

Infrastructure options

Your customers expect more from your company—better, faster service that’s convenient and accessible. If your contact centre is a patchwork of solutions, force-fitting more channels into an ageing infrastructure will hinder your ability to meet those expectations. When customers think it’s easier and faster to do business elsewhere, your company pays the price.

Address current customer demand and establish a foundation for future customer needs. Increase your agility. Be more responsive. Deliver excellent customer experience. Do it all with the Genesys Multimedia Manager solution.

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