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Increase revenue and reduce costs by orchestrating omnichannel customer journeys

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Digital channels

  • Create proactive engagement on your website and mobile apps at critical times to offer promos or service to reduce bounce rates or abandonment.
  • Omnichannel creates context and consistent customer experience across all non-voice channels, including web chat, email, SMS, social and messaging apps. •
  • Support multimodal interaction over multiple channels to reduce resolution times. For example, you can push a form to a customer over the web while still on phone.

Customer experience platform

  • Native technology targets all channels, including voice, across a common platform for lower TCO, improved service and reporting consistency.
  • An omnichannel desktop handles all channels, including voice, integrated knowledge and journey history. The result is increased agent productivity, improved customer experience through reduced effort and increased first contact resolution.

Digital transformation is one of the most important trends shaping the future of business. It is the realignment of, and investment in, technology and business models that will more effectively engage digitally savvy customers at every stage in the omnichannel customer journey. Digital transformation changes the way companies sell, market, operate and scale in an increasingly digital economy.

This transformation is not without challenges. The rise in multichannel touchpoints has greatly complicated the end-to-end customer journey, especially as use of mobile devices increases. Customers expect to receive consistent and personalised experiences—no matter which channel they use. But it difficult to manage the customer experience across self-service and assisted service when each channel emerges from a separate technology silo. Without contextual awareness for customers and their journeys, or visibility into the service or sales performance provided, you get an impersonal experience that creates dissatisfied customers and inefficient operations.

Automation and blended Artificial Intelligence offer new opportunities across the enterprise

Artificial intelligence (AI) has tremendous potential in the world of digital customer experience—from automating tasks like setting appointments and troubleshooting problems to empowering customers to serve themselves. Machine learning and predictive decision-making capabilities offer the promise of intelligent and faster data processing that wasn’t possible before or was highly inefficient when done by humans.

Genesys enables a hybrid approach called “blended AI,” which puts AI and bots into action to augment the jobs humans do. Blended AI tackles the grunt work of collecting information and processing data which, in turn, empowers people to provide better, more meaningful service. With bots handling common issues, agents have more time to deal with complex and nuanced issues that require a human touch. This blended AI approach combines artificial intelligence with the power of the human touch to reshape the way businesses create higher levels of customer satisfaction and efficiencies.

Asynchronous communication empowers long-lived conversations at the customer’s pace

Messaging is the fastest growing and most widely used form of interpersonal communication, outpacing SMS and social networks. The ubiquity of messaging applications and their growth trajectory make them an important consideration and opportunity for customer experience and sales operations. Businesses now have an opportunity to incorporate messaging apps into their customer experience strategy, meeting customers where they most frequently communicate.

Genesys enables organisations to use a combination of automated and agent-assisted interactive dialogues, bringing the benefits of interactive messaging into customer service, sales and marketing operations. You can escalate messages that require special handling to live agents, when needed. For consumers, this brings convenience, immediacy, ease-of-use and self-service; it also eliminates the need for customers to wait on hold. For businesses, it means high response rates, cost-effectiveness, reduced inbound calls, increased agent productivity and improved customer experience.

Effectively manage the digital workforce

To effectively deliver an optimal experience across the omnichannel customer journey, you need to plan and deploy the right staff—at the right time—for the right customer. Many companies struggle to staff a workforce across all channels and touchpoints. In fact, studies show that a top pressure for management is the need to improve overall workforce productivity through better employee management.

Optimising your workforce starts with accurate forecasting and cost-effective scheduling across all communication channels. Too often, these channels are managed in silos, creating great complexity and manual work for your planning department. Additionally, performance data must be gathered from multiple places to ensure accurate and effective schedule forecasting.

Genesys Digital, along with workforce optimisation capabilities, automates the manual work of your operations and planning teams, increases first-contact resolution, improves staff productivity and helps you deliver on your SLAs within budget.

The workforce is often the brand ambassador to your customers and directly affects their experiences. With Genesys, you ensure they’re well-trained and informed, reducing labour costs and driving efficiencies.

Drive revenue

The continued growth of online and mobile shopping has made it incredibly easy to comparison-shop with little concern for brand loyalty. Customers choose to do business with companies that offer the lowest price or the best services in the most efficient manner. Companies compete now more than ever to fend off increasingly high levels of abandoned shopping carts and lower sales conversions.

Genesys Digital provides the capabilities needed to track customer actions across channels to proactively engage customers at the precise moment of opportunity. This reduces shopping cart abandonment, improves conversion rates and reduces churn.

Companies continuously struggle to understand the buying habits and behaviours of their customers. They must determine:

  • Which sites customers have visited;
  • What channels were used to search for products and services;
  • When and how to effectively engage with these customers.

Compounded with the difficulty in attributing anonymous web traffic and a lack of contextual awareness, many companies’ websites are full of wasted opportunities to create meaningful customer engagements.

Genesys makes it significantly easier to manage a customer conversation that could stretch across multiple touchpoints and time by basing engagement decisions on customer context from current and past interactions—at the right moment and with the right resource. The seamless, personalised experience increases the likelihood of a customer recommending your product or service for a higher overall Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Deliver an omnichannel customer experience

Most companies today can only support multichannel—not omnichannel—customer engagement. While they support many channels, they typically cannot support multiple channels simultaneously within a single interaction (multimodality), cannot link interactions in a step-by-step workflow (orchestration), and cannot manage the lifecycle of the customer journey (design, orchestrate, monitor, tune) to provide a personalised and context-appropriate experience for every customer (journey management). This leaves companies unable to provide the type of personalised context-appropriate experience today’s digitally driven customers demand.

Genesys Digital combines multimodality, orchestration and journey management to provide a great omnichannel customer experience with compelling business outcomes.

Most customer journeys begin on self-service touchpoints. Yet, impersonal and non-contextual self-service often results in abandonment, escalations to assisted service and a poor customer experience. With Genesys Digital, you can transform self-service and assisted service engagement by orchestrating designed omnichannel customer journeys across all touchpoints and channels to deliver a consistent, seamless and low-effort customer experience.

Modernise with Genesys Digital

It is time to modernise the digital customer service and sales experience with Genesys Digital. Our solution is comprised of a natively developed suite of digital channels that are built on a common channel infrastructure within a single customer experience platform.

The result is less complexity and the elimination of silos, which reduces costs. With integrated workforce management and analytics, you have everything you need to deliver a consistent and seamless omnichannel customer journey and experience.

Be prepared for the digitally savvy customer

If your organisation is in the midst of a transformation to better prepare for the digital economy, contact Genesys. Learn more about how Genesys Digital can help increase revenue and reduce costs by orchestrating omnichannel customer journeys designed for optimal experiences.

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  • Integrated digital workforce management uses a unique algorithm designed for non-voice interactions to improve the accuracy of forecasting, scheduling and adherence.
  • Cross-channel SLA management improves insights, adherence, and continuous reprioritisation and assignment by value. It also reduces payment of penalties and delivers a consistent experience over any channel by customer segment.


  • Speech and text analytics understand causes of issues and improve conversion rates.
  • Cross-channel digital quality management works with text analytics to monitor the quality of assisted interactions and to identify training opportunities—improving compliance adherence and first-contact resolution

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