Moving Forward Together: Announcing the Genesys 2020 Sustainability Report

I’m very proud to share “The 2020 Genesys Sustainability Report,” our first public sustainability report, which was published today.

Genesys is creating a new market category with our Experience as a ServiceSM vision, and we bring the same level of aspiration and commitment to Sustainability.

With more than 7,000 customers and more than 5,000 employees in 55 countries, we have a unique opportunity to help move the contact centre and Experience as a Service industry into more sustainable business practices.

This report outlines our holistic approach to establishing more sustainable business practices through environmental, social and governance initiatives. It also showcases our goals for making a positive impact in the world — one of the most visible ways we can demonstrate our company’s commitment to empathy as one of our three core company values.

In 2020, we built the foundation for our sustainability practice by hiring our first Global Sustainability Officer, Bridgette McAdoo, a seasoned industry professional. Bridgette has made an immediate impact by assessing the materiality of Genesys core sustainability issues and priorities, articulating and implementing short- and long-term sustainability goals, and elevating sustainability to a Tier 1KPI for the company.

She and her team are now focused on building organisational competencies to tackle the issues that could impact progress on our environmental, social and governance goals. With our goal of touching 1 million lives in meaningful ways through our technology and innovation, we also want to use our product for good outside of our walls.

We have set an ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 — and we have several tangible ways we plan to achieve this goal. First, by moving customers from on-premises equipment to the more energy-efficient cloud. Second, by launching a hybrid workforce strategy that will reduce business travel and office commuting — and, therefore, lower overall carbon emissions. In addition, our sustainability goals for the future include maximising security, availability and compliance.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are important components of sustainability at Genesys. Over time, we’re aiming to create an employee population and leadership team that reflects the diverse representation of the markets where we work, live and do business. We’re investing in programs to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups, mitigate unconscious bias, and create more parity in hiring and promotion. We’ve developed an inclusion index to measure sentiment across all employee groups and identify areas for growth and improvement. We’re also developing a program that leverages the skills and expertise of our employees to provide training and skills to the underserved communities in our midst.

With this report, Genesys is planting a flag of commitment. The Genesys leadership team and I are fully committed to engaging all of our stakeholders in the life-affirming mission of sustainability. Without a doubt, we are Moving Forward Together.


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