Rabobank was seeing fewer visits to branches and more demand for digital banking services. Genesys helped the bank evolve and realign its contact center strategy. Now, all customer touchpoints and communications—voice, web, chat, and mobile—run on one platform, providing omnichannel management efficiency.

Insight into customer behavior has also improved. The bank can see, for example, which web pages they are browsing—and ensure their inquiry is always routed to the best agent, either at the local branch or its central contact center.

Customers enjoy seamless mobile banking with a personal touch. Using a unique contact button they can instantly engage with an agent without having to leave the Rabobank app or open a new window.


  • Customers routed to best-matched experts with personal experience
  • More than 1,000,000 chat interactions
  • Overall satisfaction regularly exceeds 90%

“When they use chat, they see the advisor’s picture. If they call, Genesys intelligence means they usually speak to someone in the same village or town who knows their local situation. So it always feels personal.”

Henry van Veldhuizen
Unified Communications Product Manager


  • Realign service to maximize virtual banking opportunities
  • Give customers always-on, easy-to-use communication channels