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Date: 18 July
Theme: Automation and AI: Copilot – AI-Powered Virtual Agents

Date: 8 August
Theme: Social Sync AI: Radarr

Date: 22 August
Theme: WEM: Preparing Your Teams

18 July 2024 – 11AM BST/12PM CET

Automation and AI: Copilot – AI-Powered Virtual Agents

Think big. Act bigger. In today’s world, ideas are only as good as how they get implemented. With AI-powered experience orchestration, you can go beyond traditional Contact Centre as a Service, creating new experiences for your customers and employees. This session will explore trends in the market and how new use cases can push the boundaries of traditional contact centre thinking. Exploring AI and Automation. This powerful AI tool is changing how agents work and how customers are served. Get to know Agent Copilot, an interactive session of user cases and learn from agents on what it’s like to work with Copilot.


8 August 2024 – 11AM BST/12PM CET

Social Sync AI: Radarr

Dive into the future of customer engagement with our breakthrough session on Social Sync AI. Discover how AI and Social listening seamlessly integrates with social platforms to revolutionise customer interactions. Explore real-world examples and learn how leading brands are leveraging this technology to create personalised and impactful customer experiences. Join us to stay ahead of the curve in the era of AI-driven social customer engagement.


22 August 2024 – 11AM BST/12PM CET

WEM: Preparing Your Teams

Discover the future of workforce engagement management and how it supports new trends in employee experience. Learn how to build an engaged and high-performing workforce by reshaping processes, behaviours and metrics that unlock the full value of your employees. Walk away with a better understanding of solutions and best practices of an employee-centric operating model that enables and prepares your teams to offer world-class customer experience.


UK Community Days: Lunch & Learn at Kings Cross

We would like to invite you join us in-person for in depth interactive sessions throughout the summer on our latest innvovations at our office in Kings Cross.

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