An Alliance Webinar in Association with Google Cloud

E.ON UK plc, and the art of the possible – Embracing conversational AI for every customer

Join utility company E.ON, as they discuss how they are delivering the art of the impossible by changing to a more customer conversional mindset with Genesys and Google Cloud.

Contact centres are in the midst of a massive transition with artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies. And competition continues to heat up as personalisation takes centre stage. Businesses need a solid strategy to harness AI and the cloud to make customer experiences personal, efficient and satisfying.

Although achievable, this trend comes with various challenges. So, it’s important to implement the right strategy, in the right way, for your business. To help, this session will highlight

  • The evolution of the E.ON conversational AI journey and the steps taken
  • The dilemma, of what do you focus on
  • How to let your customers drive your strategy
  • The importance of integration of all applications and an easy exit route from your automation
  • Obtaining buy in from key stakeholders

Meet the Speakers

Dominique p

Dominique Pfeffer
Contact Center AI Partner Lead

Sean maddison e.on

Sean Maddison
Conversational Automation Manager


Alberto Pasi
Strategic Solutions Director

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