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Channel Surfing: Mastering Digital Channels for your business

Digital channels, like web chat, social messaging apps and chatbots, hold tremendous potential for customer engagement and support. And while there’s great appetite for them from both customers and businesses, customer experience leaders often feel they’ve yet to realise the full potential of these digital channels.

If you’re looking to add new digital channels or want to get the most from channels you’ve already deployed, join us for this roundtable discussion. Our panel of experts will discuss the fundamentals of using these channels to listen, understand, and act on customer needs with empathy.

Get practical guidance on how to deliver amazing customer experiences through digital channels. Register today.

Meet the Speakers

Robin gareiss webinar image

Robin Gareiss
CEO & Principal Analyst

Charlie godfrey.jpeg

Charlie Godfrey
Senior Director

Neil o’donaghue webinar image

Neil O’Donohue
VP, Professional Services

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