White paper

The business case for empathy

We’re in an experience economy where customer loyalty leaders are best positioned to win in the long term. Building loyalty and trust starts with empathy toward customers and employees.

Empathy isn’t sympathy; it’s an actionable, measurable approach to putting customers and employees — not profits — first.

Companies worldwide are making positive changes toward becoming empathy-centric across the entire customer and employee experience — and toward measuring their success in this transformation.

A Genesys benchmark study of 450 companies worldwide reveals that businesses are listening to customers and understanding their needs. But progress has been slow in developing the proactivity and responsiveness to show customers they’re really paying attention.

It’s time for change.

Download the report to learn:

  • What empathy is and why it matters
  • How organisations can develop actionable systems of empathy
  • Where organisations are along the path to becoming empathy-centric
  • The biggest gaps in reaching their goals