UK Contact Centre Vertical Markets: Insurance (2023)

Up until recently, general financial services organisations (including insurance, banking, credit card and debt collection operations) had run the most contact centres of any business sector in the UK, and this wider vertical market still employs the most agents. The complexity of managing customers and cases continues to rise with the popularity of self-service, mobile service, online product quotes, comparison sites and online account management.

Take a closer look at the latest advancements that affect your business in the latest Contact Centre Verticals: Insurance report.  Leveraging data from multiple large-scale surveys of hundreds of UK insurance contact centres, this study takes an in-depth look at their operations and trends.

Download the ContactBabel research report and learn:

  • Trends in size, structure, and growth of insurance industry contact centres
  • How contact centres within the insurance sector benchmark against the larger contact centre industry
  • Technology adoption trends within insurance sector call centres
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