IDC Study

Redefining Customer Experiences with Cloud and Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Contact Centers

IDC Report focused on the Middle East market

Organisations in the Middle East are increasingly investing in technology to gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive environment, enhancing customer experience (CX) through digital transformation (DX) is the top business priority for organisations of all sizes across all industries.

Read the full IDC report and find out:

  • The use of AI in the CX domain, and why it’s the most notable trend in the Middle East.
  • Why more than ever organisations are using AI to boost their CX and improve agent productivity
  • Why organisations have highlighted that the use of AI has stremlined the CX process
  • How AI has reduced costs and optimised the use of company resources.

Download this white paper and discover the key findings from the latest IDC research examining the current market dynamics of cloud-based contact centres in the Middle East

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