The great customer experience opportunity:

Reflections from the Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit 2020

The pace of change has been unrelenting for telcos. In recent years, infrastructure improvements, demands for more data, and the explosion of streaming, social media and messaging have set the agenda. However, the irony is, that an industry built upon connecting people has been so guilty of failing to listen and as a result, customer experience has suffered. Disappointed customers leave in droves, often telling their friends about their experience on Twitter. Across the board, poor service delivery has been punished.

This report includes insights from the industry leaders placing customer experience (CX) at the top of their to-do lists. We hope it helps and inspires you with your own customer experience revolutions. Get this ebook to learn:

  • Why customer retention is more important than customer acquisition
  • How customer journey mapping is an important priority
  • How AI and data management creates ROI

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