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Service on demand: The future of Customer Service

62% of Australian and New Zealand firms would invest in on-demand customer service in the near term

The disintermediation of relationships in how customers and companies interact through the use of mobile technology, real-time data analysis and dynamic pricing is the beginning of a technologically-driven economic shift—an on-demand revolution that some predict will “Uberise” entire economies.

A number of industries have already been impacted: Uber and AirBnb which utilise location-based real-time data to intelligently match supply and demand. But to what extent are other industries, such as customer service, prone to a similar disruption?

How do major organisations across Australasia see service on-demand evolving and which areas of an organisation’s operations could benefit most from more efficiently matching supply and demand?

The research, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, focused on four key areas:

  • Is the ‘Uberisation’ of customer service coming to Australia and New Zealand?
  • Are buyers ready to embrace on-demand service and what benefits do they expect?
  • How well prepared are suppliers of customer service to deliver these new services?
  • What are the next steps for on-demand leaders that are looking to disrupt this market?

Download the executive summary to find out how this impacts your industry.

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