Frost & Sullivan Study: Redesigning the Customer Experience around the Internet of Things

Promoting an IoT-centric Customer Experience and Value Proposition

Frost & Sullivan recently conducted a survey of almost 500 senior customer experience (CX) executives across Europe to understand how enterprises approached CX and whether they believed the Internet of Things (IoT) had or would have an impact on their business.

Interestingly, over 60% of respondents agree that IoT will bring direct value to the customer experience, citing increased revenue and brand equity as the top 2 benefits. Yet, over 50% admit finding it difficult to translate the IoT concept into a clear CX value proposition.

This whitepaper summarises the key findings from the study and covers the following points:

  • Rethinking the Customer Experience the IoT Way
  • The Strategic Value of the Omnichannel Customer Experience
  • How to turn the IoT concept into reality
  • Busting the myths of the IoT-centric CX
  • Introducing the IoT-enabled CX Readiness Index
  • Why IoT-enabled CX is real and a priority to empower customer and employees
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