Re-energising the customer conversation:

Reflections on Utility Week Customer Summit 2020

Utilities suppliers are in uncharted territory with new disruptive competitors, ever-increasing customer expectations, an ageing population, disruptive technology and the drive towards sustainability have have put pressure on the sector. For some, the pace of change has been too much; others have thrived.  Those that have benefitted most are the businesses that recognise that in a price-capped world, advancing the customer conversation is a matter of necessity rather than choice. It was with this in mind that much of the industry attended the Utility Week Customer Summit 2020. The event was an informative experience, full of passionate speakers who were open about the challenges they face in modernising and digitising.

Reflecting on the event, the Genesys team was struck by how proactive industry leaders are in not just meeting the challenges head on, but in seeing them as value opportunities for the years ahead. Get this ebook to learn:

  • How perceptions can be problematic for business
  • Which trends are shaping the conversation
  • How personalisation is the key to business performance

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