Mastering email
in a modern
contact centre

Give your trusted, reliable workhorse a refresh

Email has evolved over the years. Even if it’s already part of your contact centre strategy for customer experience (CX), you might not be making the most of it.

Email remains a trusted, field-tested and ROI-proven workhorse. And customers and marketers are more satisfied with email than new digital CX channels. When optimised and integrated strategically in the customer journey, email can be a powerful communication tool.

This guide will walk you through the basics, introduce advancements and help you deliver exceptional customer experiences by maximising the potential of email with automated tools.

Download our guide to get more from your email strategy.

How you can build a more robust email strategy:

  • Pinpoint which use cases make the most successful email interactions
  • Use agentless notifications set to activate through “if-then” criteria
  • Prioritise emails like warranty expiration notices over promotional campaigns