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Let’s Get Personal: How Businesses can use Personalised Customer Service to Reboot and Rebuild

The last 12 months has seen a ‘dash to digital’ for most brands, with customers demanding a heightened digital customer experience as a result.

As businesses look ahead to refreshing their approach to customer service as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a key requirement will be the ability to offer personalisation, at scale.

In association with Sabio and Genesys, this report will focus on why personalisation in customer service is now an imperative for businesses, the routes they need to take to be able to offer personalisation at scale and the use cases of European businesses that have been able to deliver truly personalised service during the coronavirus pandemic, despite all of the challenges presented by doing so.

Download to learn:

  • Why personalised customer service has become increasingly important to businesses
  • The challenges of being able to deliver on the personalisation at scale imperative, and the routes to achieving it – how to get to understand your customers, how to build data profiles, the role of cloud
  • Personalisation in the contact centre – what it involves, the importance of agent empathy, putting customers first and predicting need
  • The role of technology, including cloud contact centre, AI and automation in helping achieve personalised service at scale
  • Advice and tips for creating a roadmap to achieving personalised service at scale

Download the report

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